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Healthcare in India Part 2

A report highlights that 20% of all healthcare spend by patients is on transportation.  This could be due to inadequate access to local staff and facilities.  Dr. Ruchi has some great posts on using mobiles to provide healthcare services to the masses in India.  The same report also points out 15% being spent on miscellaneous.  The inefficiency in the system with 35% of the money being consumed in unrelated costs combined with the shortage of staff and facilities drives up demand and costs.

Technology combined with some traditional India ingenuity can can provide a way to address both. Telemedicine is one example of reducing overheads while expanding the reach of the scare resources.

One other idea could be in the preventive medicine and disease management area, by creating a McDonald’s for healthcare.  These centers can offer fixed menu of services including basic diagnostics and disease management.  The centers can be staffed by semi-trained medical professionals or nurses who follow a fixed process.  In addition to this, a tele-medicine setup can provide enhanced consultations and diagnosis.  Combining this with a micro-insurance product for pregnancy, neo-natal care or diabetes can potentially be a strong business model.


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Swine Flu Best Practices for professionals

Best practices on handling swine flu diagnosis put together by St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore and shared by Dr. Sanjiv Lewin. All copyrights & credits belong to them.

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Swine Flu Update

I had an opportunity to meet with the local State Health Secretary while on a TV show.  I walked him through the issues I faced and some simple solutions they can use.  So here is what the government has done:

1. Patients can be tested in multiple location including private hospitals with better amineties

2. Local testing lab in Bangalore to be used for faster testing

3. Increasing equipment to Rajiv Gandhi hospital – including masks

4. They have talked to St. John’s hospital and other medical professional to kick off a training program for all health workers

In addition I was lucky to meet Dr. Sanjiv Lewin from St. John’s who

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