About Madoit

This is a blog about India from the perspective of returning Indian.  Most are random ramblings of life in India and a perspective on business, the economy, investing, entrepreneurship and travel.

The phrase Madoit was coined by a friend, Dan. I am still trying to remember why & how this came about.  The banner picture is also a contribution from Dan, who used his photoshop skills to convert a picture of a sign at Stanford to say Just Ma’do it.

Little about my self to give a context to the blog:

I grew up in a Bangalore that was called the Garden City.  The city typically attracted people for it’s greenery and climate.  When I was growing up the city had a diameter of maybe 10-15 kilmeters and on a bad day, sorry you did not have bad days in Bangalore 🙂 it would take 30-45 minutes to go from one end to the other.  The population of the city was ~4m people and IBM and Infosys were not household names.  We had no direct international flights, on Coca Cola but only Thumps Up and Pepsi had just entered the market.   L&T & BEL were companies that mostly recruited engineers and even computer science students had a really tough time getting jobs.

I left the city just before the technology & service industry boom.  Now Bangalore is close to 8 million people and it takes a good 2-3 hours to get from one end to the other and usually every day is bad traffic day.  Bangalore is very much of any company’s globalization strategy and with the new international airport we have over 25 flights connecting the city to the rest of the world. IBM, Toyota, Infosys, Cisco and Intel are household names collectively employing over half a million people.

The growth, urbanization and internationalization of the city is very refreshing as opportunities and income level are plenty.  The middle class has grown and the material quality of life has increased enormously.  As with any growth & rapid development comes at a cost both environmental and social.

My goal is capture the positive side of the growth and it’s impact on the people and companies at the micro level.

Feel free to let me know your reactions or any comments in general.


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